Are Saunas safe?

Yes, our saunas are extremely safe. Health professionals have been using far infrared technology and hot rock technology for many years. It has been proven that heat is good for a wide range of health benefits and saunas are manufactured to provide that exact outcome. All of our saunas meet the Australian electrical regulations and have been tested prior to release.


What's the difference between infrared and traditional saunas?

Infrared is a slightly more gentle heat that radiates your body at a lower temperature. An Infrared Saunas heat penetrates human tissue to provide a detoxifying effect to those who are using them.


Traditional saunas are a much more forceful heat and are often found in commercial spas. Traditional saunas use hot rocks to product heat and also allow you to ladle water over the rocks to produce steam.


How long does a Wellness Sauna take to heat up?

Our saunas usually take from 10mins - 25mins to heat up properly. 


Is there anyone who shouldn't use a sauna?

Sauna's are safe for almost anyone, but as a safety precaution we suggest the following are cautious when using a sauna:

  • Children under the age of 18

  • People who suffer cardiovascular issues

  • Individuals prone to bleeding

  • Pregnant women

  • Sufferers of asthma


What is the ideal time for a sauna?

Usually a sauna session should be no longer than an hour at 45 - 55 degrees celcius. This amount of time varies for everyone depending on their preferences.


Do you offer warranty on your saunas?

We sure do. We offer a 10 year warranty on heaters, 5 year warranty on cabinet, 5 year warranty on electrical, 1 year warranty on labour and a 1 year warranty on stereo.


Where can I find Wellness Saunas?

Our saunas are distributed in all Just Spas retail outlets. You can click here to find out more. 

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